LFR’s advice for hot weekend: Drink water, get shade, avoid alcohol and energy drinks

Heat index expected to reach 100 in Lincoln on Sunday

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – This weekend is expected to be the hottest yet of the year, with a heat index in the triple digits on Sunday.

Lincoln Fire & Rescue Capt. Curt Faust said he notices an increase in heat-related medical calls this time of year.

He expects two to three transports a day. “And that will last for about a week until people get used to the heat,” Faust said.

LFR Capt. Daren Merryman said he’s responded to more heat-related calls than he can count in his 22 years of service.

“[Patients are] very exhausted, tired, muscle cramps, nausea, headaches, just generally not feeling well,” he said.

Faust said, “When we have somebody that’s been exposed to the heat, when they go unconscious, they have elevated heart rate, that is a true medical emergency, and they need to be transported to the hospital.”

Alcoholic beverages and energy drinks can exacerbate the harm caused by extreme heat because they dehydrate your body.

“We live in a society now where we drink a lot of energy drinks, coffee, caffeine, those kinds of things,” Merryman said.

Faust added, “If you throw a combination of alcohol into that, and high exertion, physical exertion, that compounds the problem.”

So what can you do to beat the heat? Faust and Merryman say it’s important to drink plenty of water, and spend some time in the shade.

“If they can sip water throughout the day, they always have something handy to drink, that helps by itself,” Faust said.

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