Lime promotes safety and fuel efficacy in downtown Lincoln

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — From Pinnacle Bank Arena to the Haymarket, the center of Lincoln has always seen some form of expansion.

Lincoln Transportation and Utilities partnered with the e-scooter company Lime, to promote better safety and transportation by providing residents with a new travel option.

After a testing period, Lime is here to stay with its brightly colored scooters lining the streets.

Those in the Haymarket Saturday morning took the scooters out for a spin, but not before learning the benefits of this mode of travel.

“I think the real goal with the program is changing user behavior and encouraging more folks to utilize e-scooters as opposed to single occupancy vehicles,” said Roberto Partida, transportation planner for LTU.

Partida said that the scooters will help cut carbon emissions in the city while freeing up space in the downtown area.

“One of the things we really want to encourage is multimodal transportation,” said Partida. “So instead of driving my car with just one person in it to go to campus or a coffee shop, I can take a scooter to get there.”

The scooters will be available in most of the downtown area from Huntington Avenue to South Street.

Lime will be providing Lincoln with the newest edition of their e-scooters that prioritize charging efficiency.

For more information on the requirements to ride click here.

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