Lincoln City Council narrowly approves 22-story downtown skyscraper

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Lincoln City Council on Monday approved the plans for a 22-story skyscraper at the corner of 9th and P Streets.

The council approved the Lincoln Bold Redevelopment Project with a 4-2 vote.

Steve Glenn, a Lincoln Bold developer, was there to witness the vote.

“Well, it’s an exciting time,” he said. “We’re finalizing all of the design elements of this wonderful property. We made a commitment that it be beautiful and that it be something inspirational for our city.”

Councilwoman Sändra Washington, who voted against the project, said the council was grateful to have so much feedback from the community.

“I looked at Lincoln Bold from many angles: parking, neighborhood compatibility, private property rights,” Washington said. “This project is exciting, but I can’t support the project in this location.”

One of the biggest concerns for the 22-story skyscraper is how it would affect parking availability for businesses in the area.

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“The Haymarket and the demand to visit the Haymarket will continue to grow regardless of whether or not Lincoln Bold is built,” said Councilman Tom Beckius, who voted for the project.

Michelle Suarez, the newest member of the council, voted against the skyscraper due to concerns of how it would impact businesses in the Haymarket.

“I do see the remediation in terms of business impact and that is my most important concern this time is how it would impact local businesses,” Suarez said. “At what cost do we continue with the growth?”

The council also voted to allow Lincoln Bold to apply for Tax Increment Financing.

If the application is approved, it would grant over $24 million in assistance from the city, with around $720,000 designated for affordable housing.

“We’re thankful for the city council who was very diligent in this,” Glenn said. “They didn’t take this lightly, they took it very seriously. And we’re also thankful for the small businesses in the Haymarket because we want to enhance the Haymarket and make them feel like we’re good neighbors.”

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