Lincoln Crime Stoppers: ill-gotten gains

This week, we watch a gas-and-go getaway as well as a tech theft.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – For this week’s roundup of crime in Lincoln, we make a pit stop at a gas station near 70th and Vine Streets. This is a recent incident; it happened June 14th.  A man pulls his black Mercury SUV to the pump, fills up, and leaves without paying. In this case, we have photos and video that could help lead to a positive identification.

Our second case happened the same day, June 14th. This time, we’re checking in on the Target on South 56th Street. Workers say two people came into the store and made a beeline for the electronics section. They hid in the computer section and somehow they were able to remove a security sensor from a mini projector.

Not only did Target employees report the projector stolen, but they say a computer was taken, too. Surveillance photos show the suspects leaving in a car with some damage to the front bumper.

For these cases, and others, you can check out the Crime Stoppers website to leave tips.

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