Lincoln Crime Stoppers: Theft big and small

This week, we see a couple incidents involving very small amounts and very large amounts of loss.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – This week, we talk about duality. One case involves a very small loss. The other is one that we’d all likely notice. Both happened in September, so we’ll start with the earlier one.

Reported on the 17th of September, our first incident takes place at HyVee. A woman is seen on camera picking out a couple of tasty items: fresh-baked brownies and caramel apple pops. However, police say this woman neglected to pay for her selections when she left the store.

The second case is a larger amount, and it was reported on the 29th of September. A victim says her wallet was taken while shopping, and a little later on, she says someone started spending money at Walmart. The total cost of those illicit shopping trips comes to around $3000. Two photos have been released that show the suspect (or suspects; it’s unclear if they’re the same person) after using the stolen card.

If you think you recognize these suspects, get in touch with Lincoln Crime Stoppers. You can review these cases, and plenty more, at their website.

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