Lincoln Indian Center launches “Women are Sacred” program

The program is in collaboration with St. Monica's addiction treatment center and aims to help Native American women and their children.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Lincoln Indian Center is launching a new program to help Native American women and their children.

The program called “Women are Sacred,” had their grand opening today in collaboration with St. Monica’s, an addiction treatment center for mothers in Lincoln.

St. Monica’s is renovating a space for Native American women who need residential treatment for trauma and substance abuse.

“It’s considered a therapeutic community, 4-6 months residential, so they are living with us and their children and overcoming substance use disorders and mental health,” said Mary Barry-Magsamen, the CEO of St. Monica’s.

Magsamen also said there were many setbacks along the way.

“We were held up multiple times, COVID being a big one, and so it just felt, are we ever going to get there, and so today is just huge for all of us,” said Magsamen.

Lincoln’s mayor was also included in the festivities, and remarked about how health and healing is a collaborative effort.

With no Native American reservations nearby, Magsamen says it was important for there to be a space for Native American women to get treatment that aligned with their culture.

“They don’t have a homeland so to speak, they don’t have a reservation,” said Magsamen. “So this Indian Center is their home away from home, it’s their place to land to feel comfortable, to share traditions, and so this is finally a spot for them that they didn’t have.”

They expect to start seeing women in about two weeks.

The new facility will be able to house eight women and their children as of right now, but they are looking to expand if more women seek help.

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