Lincoln Police host first Trunk or Treat before Halloween in over two years

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — The Lancaster Event Center had spooks around every corner for the first time in over two years.

Scenes Tuesday evening at the Lincoln Police Department’s Trunk or Treat included haunted houses, fire engines and a cop doughnut shop for little ones to ask for sweets.

One of the newer attractions was a new armored vehicle for the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office. This vehicle was built to replace its older version, which was costly to repair and harder to maneuver.

But Tuesday night, kids got to jump inside and see the view while taking pictures.

“This is great for the kids,” Sheriff Terry Wagner said. “I mean, it’s got a turret up top they can stand up and look out. They don’t get to see one of these things on a regular basis, so they’ve seen them on TV, but they’ve never seen one close up and personal. They can climb around, and they can’t hurt it. It’s kind of fun.”

In years past, Trunk or Treat has drawn enough people for organizers to go on extra trips to nearby grocery stores to restock their candy supply.

This year, organizers said they came prepared to welcome any and all trunk-or-treaters without any problems.

“Unlike previous years, where we relied a lot on donations, we just decided to foot it ourselves and buy the stuff so we were sure to have enough,” Police Sgt. Todd Hruza said. “We weren’t wanting to make any last-minute runs to Walgreens to try to pick up candy and whatnot. So we have plenty for the whole night.”

With temperatures on Tuesday morning dropping below 20 degrees, many visitors said they were thankful for the safe, warm place to bring their loved ones.

With some soccer practices and other prior engagements being canceled due to the cold, some were glad that they could trunk-or-treat after all.

“It’s just an amazing event that everyone puts on,” Stephanie Klein said.

She said her family has a “deep history” in the fire department, so it’s “really cool to see all of that here.”

And her son “likes hopping around and seeing everybody.”

First responders at the event said they want to make sure everyone has a safe and smart Halloween.

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