Lincoln residents react to fatal crashes on O Street

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Many Lincoln residents who live along or near O Street are concerned about the number of fatal accidents happening, including one at 37th and O Streets late Saturday night.

On Monday, neighbors expressed their concern about living in the area.

“You know, it’s pretty much so that everybody’s trying to be in such a hurry to get to places that they’re not caring about anybody else,” Suzanne Massa said. “A big problem of it is that people don’t follow the laws that we all grew up with. You know, I’m older and I remember it. That’s how it was taught to everybody, so why isn’t it that everybody is adhering to that?”

On Saturday evening, a Ford crossed the center median, striking a Subaru traveling east on the inside lane. The collision forced the Subaru into a Chrysler also traveling east.

Another fatal crash in this area happened Memorial Day weekend. Two women were killed and 20 bystanders were injured when a driver lost control and hit a crowd watching cars cruise on O Street.

The accidents are affecting how some people allow their kids to play outside.

“These kids can’t even like ride their bikes out there sometimes because you know what, they can’t,” Massa said. “They’re kids, you know, and people need to watch out for them, and they just don’t do it anymore.”

Residents are frustrated and fearful about how O Street is treated at sundown, too.

“It’s really scary because these people at night – the racing is just crazy,” Marilyn Sutko said. “And everybody’s speeding. These kids, I call them kids, are not paying attention or watching out for anyone else. You can’t just take a leisurely drive like you used to be able to.”

Residents are pleading with drivers to slow down, pay attention and follow the posted speed limits, especially at night.

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