Lincoln restaurants scramble to keep up with rising egg prices

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Diners and cafes in Lincoln have been coming up with unique ways to fight the rising price of eggs.

From dipping into personal funds to using egg alternatives, business owners continue to find ways to serve meals at affordable prices.

Hi-Way Diner owner Scott Walker said he doesn’t plan to change prices in the restaurant despite rising costs.

“Prices haven’t affected business at all; it’s just obviously more for me,” he said. “I’m paying $4 a dozen now.”

Walker said the current price of eggs is about triple what he normally pays.

Cultiva owner Sharon Grossman said her business has seen an increase in bulk buying costs.

“The price went from about $40 per case to as high as $89 per case just last week,” she said.

Some restaurant owners said they saw egg prices take a little dip over the weekend, but they still remain higher than average.

“The cost of most of our ingredients have increased significantly this last year, and we need to keep pace with the inflation,” Grossman said.

Tina’s Cafe owner Sue Green uses alternatives, such as liquid eggs, to keep certain dishes on the menu.

“I have had to use an alternative with liquid eggs for doing omelets and scrambled eggs,” she said.

Green said using liquid eggs has not only helped keep prices down but has helped the restaurant keep up with recent breakfast rushes.

“It is what it is,” she said. “It’s part of owning a business.”

Ordering eggs through wholesale is another battle Lincoln restaurant owners are facing.

Good Evans Chief Operating Officer Erin Palladino said they have had to buy from local grocery stores when supplies run dry.

“This has a double effect on us as the pricing varies by place, making it more difficult to manage food costs,” she said.

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