LPD and the Child Advocacy Center urge parents to educate children on sexual abuse

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Lincoln Police Department and the Child Advocacy Center are urging parents to educate children about sexual abuse after a Lincoln man was charged with the assault of a 12-year-old girl in July.

The Special Victim’s Unit at LPD and the Child Advocacy Center in Lincoln is also urging parents to educate their children on the importance of safety not just in public, but online as well.

The partnership between both agencies began shortly after the center’s inception nearly 25 years ago.

Lincoln Police Cpt. Jake Dilsaver says the work they do aims to educate and serve the Lincoln community.

“The whole premise of the partnership is to not just do better on cases from an investigative standpoint, but from a service standpoint to victims to survivors of child abuse, child sexual abuse, and the families of those people,” he said.

The center’s Child Exploitation Specialist Aubrey Yost said parents should be honing in on children’s social media as the school year approaches.

“When it comes to online safety is just to be knowledgeable, so know what apps your children are using,” Yost said. “But really just at the heart of it, it’s having those regular conversations.”

Regular conversations about body safety, online safety, and what sexual abuse is can make a difference for children.

Special Victims Unit Investigator Tyler Nitz says their goal is to ease the struggles of those who have been abused.

“These investigations are very traumatic for the families and also the survivors of sexual abuse,” Nitz said. “So to ease that process of healing after the event, us coming together under one location to have the kids interviewed and receive the advocacy that they need.”

The center’s Executive Director Paige Piper believes expansion in the partnership is the next step to better serve Lincoln.

“We serve well over 600 cases together each and every year and so a key piece of that is being able to share space to improve that case, collaboration,” she said.

Cpt. Dilsaver said the center in Lincoln is “a place where brave children” can be heard and their voices lead to “healing.”

The Lincoln Police Department and the center provided educational videos discussing body safety, here are a few links:

Body Safety Ages 0-12 – YouTube

Body Safety Ages 12+ – YouTube

Hablando de la Seguridad Corporal – YouTube

For more information about the Child Advocacy Center here in Lincoln, go to SmallVoices.org.

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