Mural set to be safely removed from dilapidated Pershing Auditorium

Group still needs to raise $35,000, but contractor has agreed to remove mural before demolition

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Eight years after the Pershing Auditorium closed, the city plans to tear it down, but on that building sits a nearly seven-decade-old mural.

An organization was formed to raise money in order to save that mural.

On Give to Lincoln Day, the group said it needed $250,000 to safely remove the mural.

Today, Chairwoman Liz Shea-McCoy said the organization now needs only $35,000.

But even with that amount still left to raise, Shea-McCoy said the contractor, Mike McCullough of MTZ Properties, agreed to remove the mural early — section by section.

Shea-McCoy said McCullough needed two months to remove the sections of the mural.  With the building set to be demolished starting in September, it is imperative that the mural come down before then.

The goal is to continue raising money, past the $35,000 mark, to clean and restore the mural and then find a new home for it.

Shea-McCoy said the organization has lots of options as to where the mural will reside next.

“We’re working with the city to find the best placement so it can continue to be enjoyed, maybe even more so once it’s brought down, so you can actually appreciate the composition and the beauty of this historic mural,” she said.

She also couldn’t thank the generous people of Lincoln enough.

“I just want to thank those people that donated this far,” she said. “And I really encourage those that haven’t or those that already did, let’s keep up the donations because together we can accomplish something really grand for our community.”

To donate, visit the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation website or mail the foundation a check at 128 N. 13th St., Suite 1010, Lincoln, NE 68508 and write “Pershing Mural” in the memo line.

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