Native American activists rally at Capitol to oppose development near Wilderness Park

More than 50 people came to protest Lincoln project

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The fight to preserve the cultural and spiritual integrity of the Native American sweat lodge at Wilderness Park continues.

Members from the community and the Niskithe Prayer Camp gathered Thursday on the steps of the Nebraska State Capitol for a prayer rally.

More than 50 people showed up.

Earlier this week, members of the prayer camp delivered a petition with over 2,300 signatures to the mayor’s office to stop a proposed housing development near U.S. Highway 77 and Pioneers Boulevard.

There is also a petition to show that the support for the cause extends beyond Lincoln and to the whole world.

Fran Kaye, an ally of the Niskithe Prayer Camp, said the goals haven’t changed now that the petitions have been delivered.

“The goal is what it’s always been, which is twofold: to get respect for the Native community and make sure they’re included in future planning,” Kaye said. “People say, ‘Big deal, there’s like 1% Native people in Lincoln.’ Big deal, your eyes are only 1% of your body.”

The plan is to continue pressing Manzitto Construction and the owner of the land, the Diocese of Lincoln, into not going through with building the proposed development.

The prayer camp also plans on holding a few more prayer rallies.

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