Nebraska American Legion Baseball will host regular season

The Nebraska American Legion announced on Wednesday it will go forward with a regular season without any postseason according to the organization's website.
Legion Baseball

LINCOLN – There will be a legion baseball season this summer.

The Nebraska American Legion announced on Wednesday it will go forward with a regular season without any postseason, according to the organization’s website. The National Legion cancelled all postseason play earlier this year.

Participation in the league is completely voluntary, according the NALB’s website.

Obviously, coaches and players from area teams were ecstatic about the news. However, there’s a new responsibility added when you consider that this will be the first crack at what high school sports will look like in the coronavirus era.

“I mean one of the things I’ve told the kids so far is, ‘You’re getting a great opportunity,'” Southeast and J.C. Brager coach Montana Jones said. “‘Don’t cost yourself the opportunity also don’t cost other people this opportunity that they’re going to have in the fall or winter, stuff like that.'”

Jones also admits he’s a little nervous. He said he was up until midnight on Wednesday trying to figure out a practice plan that would follow the Governor’s directed health measures.

“We’re kind of the guinea pig, I guess you could say, for this trial-and-error to see how things go,” Jones said. “And if we do a good job with it, it’s going to provide opportunities for our football program, our volleyball program, and other programs we have at Southeast in the fall.”

Northeast and Judds Brothers coach Kyle Parker agrees. It’s all about the safety of the players and making sure they get this right the first time.

“Eventually, you’ve got to go back to normal,” said Parker, who’s beginning his first year as the Rockets baseball coach. “I think if we do things right and take care of the players while putting the things that should be first, first. As opposed to our own wants. I think a lot of people look at their own wants right away.

“We’ve just been really patient and making sure you know, yes these kids want this. They want to play. If we can give them that in a safe way, let’s do it. I think that if we all take care of each other, it should work out.”

Teams can open practice on June 1 with the expected first games coming on June 18.

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