Nebraska leads country in fired coach payouts, spending $28 million since 2005

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – University of Nebraska-Lincoln Athletic Director Trev Alberts announced Sunday that Husker football coach Scott Frost was fired, having just started his fifth season.

Frost will make $15 million from his contract buyout, but that number would have been cut in half if UNL had waited until Oct. 1 to fire him.

The Huskers only had two more games until then.

This fact has left fans torn on whether firing him now was worth the extra $7.5 million.

“Way too soon, way too soon,” Husker fan John Shartrand said. “There should have been more chances.”

UNL student Tage Zerby felt differently.

“I’m totally fine paying the coaches; they can do what they want, but they better win,” she said. “That’s the thing, right? They’ve got to win if I’m going to pay them that much.”

According to NCAA financial reports, UNL paid nearly $28 million in severance pay between 2005 and 2020 to football and men’s basketball head coaches.

That number leads the country for contract payouts during that time period.

The firings of Bill Callahan, Bo Pelini and Mike Riley cost over $16 million combined.

If you add in Frost’s $15 million buyout, it brings the total to around $32 million paid to the four most recent football coaches.

All four were fired within one year of receiving a contract extension.

The Knight-Newhouse College Athletics Database showed that the UNL Athletic Department used 50% of their budget on compensation and severance in 2021.

After seeing these numbers, people were more hesitant about firing Frost.

“It’s kind of a constant, recurring thing that happens,” said Courtney Harder, a Husker football fan. “I understand that the program makes the school a lot of money, so they need it to do well, but what would have been two more weeks?”

Many Channel 8 spoke to felt Frost needed to be fired for his lack of success.

“I think he should have been fired, but if there was only a two-week time period to where they would have saved millions of dollars, they probably should have just waited,” Harder said.

Another UNL student, Emmett Myers said, “If the entire fan base wants someone gone, then he should probably be gone.”

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