Nebraska Task Force One on historic mission outside mainland U.S.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Nebraska Task Force One was deployed late Monday afternoon to Puerto Rico on a search and rescue mission.

NFT’s leader, Dan Ripley, says the flight to assist areas affected by Hurricane Fiona is what makes this trek abroad unique.

“One of the unique things I mentioned was the fact that we’re traveling by air, 9/11 was the last time, but we’ve never traveled outside of the United States,” he said.

Last year NFT helped with Hurricane Ida efforts in Louisiana, which is why Ripely believes they’re ready for Puerto Rico.

“The biggest thing that we’ve kind of been told to be prepared for is lots of rain,” he said. “That 20 to 30 inches of rain, is significant, based on the terrain, and what’s there is impactful,” said Ripely.

But we’re told it’s something the task force is well-equipped to handle.

“We’re all trained for this,” Ripley said. ” We’re all ready to go, and that’s what we look forward to is the opportunity to go help people in their time of need…Myself and everyone on the team is very thankful for that chance.”

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