Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana pleads for 50,000 more signatures

"We now have to choose between our family, our child and medication."

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A Nebraska mom was just one of many supporters who urged 50,000 registered voters in favor of medical marijuana to come forward and sign their petition on Wednesday.

Nicole Hochstein said she has been fighting for medical marijuana in Nebraska for nearly eight years.

Her son began having seizures at 4 months old and had his first brain surgery at 4 years old, the same day her case was first read to the Legislature.

“If he were in one of 47 other states, he would have the option to try an oil underneath his tongue to help his seizures,” Hochstein said.  “That’s not an option here. We now have to choose between our family, our child, and medication.”

Hochstein heard from doctors on Tuesday who told her that her now 12-year-old son will have to undergo another brain surgery.  This time, they will split the two halves of his brain apart in hopes of reducing the number of seizures he is having.

Another parent, Dominic Gillin, said he has been fighting for change for over 10 years.

While he was explaining his case, his 20-year-old son sat next to him having a seizure.

During the press conference, Gillin compared the signatures needed to a full Memorial Stadium,

“Half of the people in Memorial Stadium need to stand up from their seats, come down and sign.”

With the help of volunteers across the state, Sen. Anna Wishart said, the group has already secured 120,000 signatures at over 100 locations.

Campaign manager Crista Eggers said the people out asking for signatures are patients and family members seeking change.

If the group reaches its goal, medical marijuana will be on November’s ballot.

Those who want to support Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana or sign a petition can learn more here.

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