Nebraska’s 2022 primary election: Democratic voter guide

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Here is a voter guide for the Democratic ballot in the Nebraska primary election on May 10.

For representative in Congress, District 1: 

Patty Pansing Brooks

  • Pansing Brooks is a current member of the Nebraska Legislature.  She was elected to the role in 2014 and was reelected in 2018.
  • She was selected by the Nebraska Democratic Party for the upcoming special election to fill former Rep. Jeff Fortenberry’s vacant seat.
  • According to Pansing Brooks’ website, some issues her campaign is focused on include health care, the economy, infrastructure and making Nebraska a safe place for everyone.

Jazari Kual Zakaria

  • Zakaria calls himself a videographer, photographer, livestreamer and all-around content creator by day.
  • According to Zakaria’s Ballotpedia survey, he believes that leaders should understand everyday people and shouldn’t be career politicians.
  • Some issues he is passionate about include access to health care, the economy and eliminating federal tax on overtime pay.

For representative in Congress, District 2: 

Alisha Shelton

  • Shelton is a clinical supervisor at Winnebago Behavioral Health Services, according to Ballotpedia.
  • According to Shelton’s website, she will fight for jobs with better pay, accessible healthcare, reproductive rights, broadband access for rural communities and voting rights.
  • She says she will put Nebraskans ahead of big corporations, no matter a person’s political affiliation, income, identity or education.

Tony Vargas

  • Vargas is currently a state senator who represents Omaha.  He was elected to the role in 2016.
  • His campaign is focused on the needs of working families.  This includes access to affordable health care, living wages and better education, he says.
  • Vargas has previously served as a member of the Omaha Public Schools board, according to his website.

For representative in Congress, District 3: 

David J. Else

  • Else says he will fight against spending on war and foreign countries, according to his website.
  • He also says that he will fight for free health care, push for a strong agricultural economy and raise the minimum wage.

Daniel M. Wik

  • Wik says his campaign will provide “common sense” solutions to immigration, health care, social security, veterans’ health care, taxes, farming, energy and marijuana.
  • According to Wik’s website, he wants to work with Republicans and Democrats to solve problems.
  • Wik’s has previously worked as a physician and as the CEO of MyPainDoc, according to Ballotpedia.

For governor

Carol Blood

  • Blood is a current state senator representing Bellevue.  She was elected to the role in 2016.
  • Her four pillars of her campaign are prosperity for all Nebraskans, maintaining public safety, investing in state infrastructure and encouraging education.
  • Blood recently announced former State Sen. Al Davis as her running mate.

Roy A. Harris

  • Harris is Blood’s only Democratic opponent.

There are no Democratic candidates for secretary of state, state treasurer, attorney general, auditor of public accounts or District 4 and 5 for public service commissioner.

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