Pentagon asking for formal help from commercial airlines for Afghanistan evacuees

The government needs 18 aircraft to get people to their desintations
Afghanistan Evacuations

WASHINGTON (KLKN) – The Department of Defense is activating the Civil Reserve Air Fleet to help get evacuees out of Afghanistan.

The formal request is for 18 aircraft, three from American Airlines, Atlas Air, Delta Airlines, and Omni Air, two from Hawaiian airlines, and four from United Airlines. These aircraft will not take people out of Kabul, but rather pick them up at airports once they are safely out of Afghanistan.

There is not expected to be an impact on commercial flights for regular passenger traffic due to this Stage I activation of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet.

This is only the third time this activation has been used. The first was in 1990-1991 during Operations Desert Sheild/Storm and the second was Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2002-2003.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said he “greatly appreciates the support of our industry partners in this critical mission.”

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