Peterson’s ‘big moments’ have prepared her to become a Husker

The Lincoln East multi-sport athlete has committed to play college soccer at Nebraska.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Lincoln East’s Haley Peterson has found herself in a few moments during her high school career. The type of moments you only see in movies.

“It was the Millard South game my sophomore year,” Peterson said. “I remember I missed that first free throw, and we were tied at that point. So, I had to make the next one if we wanted to be up and win the game because there were only a couple seconds left.”
But not only has she delivered on the court but also the soccer field, making the game-winning goal in the district finals in 2019.
“In those moments, you just know all your practice and the things leading up to that point have paid off for you,” Peterson said. “And you just feel relieved to step up and do that for your team.”
“To have a player who has confidence and who is calm and ready to accept that responsibility in those final critical moments is truly special,” said former East player and now head coach Emily Mathews.
Peterson’s story book moments have proved she is a competitive, multi-sports athlete who utilizes all her skills to be successful.
“Being a multi-sport athlete has actually helped me,” Peterson said. “Basketball has helped me in soccer, soccer has helped me in basketball.”
“It’s really great to see her basketball skills come to fruition on the soccer field,” Mathews said. “The similar movements, the passing and runs and all of that. I really think it’s a true asset.”
The experience Haley brings to the take has landed her a spot with Nebraska soccer, as she will play for her hometown team and call herself a Husker.
“It’s just been really awesome because I’ve been watching Nebraska soccer for forever since I was a little girl,” Peterson said. “And it’s just awesome that I’m going to be out there and be that role model for those little kids.”

“I really the skies the limit for her just because I know she will work to improve every single day no matter who skilled or talented she is,” Mathews said.

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