‘QAnon Shaman’ sentenced to 41 months in prison for role in Jan. 6 insurrection

This is the longest sentence handed down to any Jan. 6 participant so far

WASHINGTON (KLKN) – On Wednesday Jacob Chansley, better known as the “QAnon Shaman” was sentenced to 41 months in prison by a federal judge, for his role as a symbolic leader in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

“What you did here was horrific, as you now concede,” said U.S. Judge Royce Lamberth. “It is the type of conduct that is so serious that I cannot justify downward departure.”

The sentence was at the lowest end of the sentencing guidelines of 41 to 51 months.

Lamberth said that Chansely’s crime “was too serious an offense” to consider downward departure.

Before announcing his sentencing, Lamberth praised Chansley’s remarks, saying they were “the most remarkable I’ve heard in my 34 years … akin to the types of things Martin Luter King might have said.”

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