Rep. Mike Flood visits Lincoln companies ahead of inflation bill vote

LINCOLN. Neb (KLKN) – District 1 Rep. Mike Flood toured three major Lincoln employers just ahead of the House of Representatives’ vote to pass President Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act.

On Tuesday, Flood visited Kawasaki Motors, HUDL and Olsson and spoke about how important these companies are to the state’s economy.  

“We have something to be very proud of and I wanted to just walk around and see it for myself,” Flood said.  “And I can’t wait when I get back to Washington, D.C., to ride one of the metro cars that are made right here in Lincoln, Nebraska.”

He also spent time speaking about inflation and its impact not only on Nebraskans but on all Americans.

“We have to stop the runaway government spending. The government spending has contributed and caused the inflation that we have today,” Flood said

Flood plans to vote no on Friday, saying the bill is a move in the wrong direction. 

“This is more spending at a time when we’re already fighting the highest inflation in 40 years,” Flood said.

On Sunday, Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which hopes to provide Americans some relief in health care and other costs, according to the Associated Press.

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