Rosie’s opens early to host watch party for World Cup

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Soccer fans set out early Saturday to many of Lincoln’s downtown sports bars to watch the U.S. team face off against the Netherlands in the World Cup round of 16.

Rosie’s sports bar and grill was one of three locations hosting a watch party.

The event saw the bar reaching capacity within the first 45 minutes of the game. Fans young and old crammed together to cheer on the U.S. while enjoying each other’s company.

Minutes before the game was called a variety of emotions could be seen across the bar with many hoping that the U.S. could pull through with a last-minute miracle.

The bar’s general manager Josh Munford said the game had its ups and downs.

“The U.S. put in a lot of good shots on goals so there was a lot of excitement there at the end,” Munford said.

Team U.S.A lost 1 to 3 with the Netherlands moving on to the quarter-finals. The loss was felt throughout the bar.

“Unfortunately they couldn’t pull it off before the end,” Munford said. “It was kind of like a deflation after the Huskers lose a home game.”

He said the atmosphere was similar to Husker game day and how passionate the fans are during post-game celebrations.

While the U.S. may have lost out of the tournament, Rosie’s will still continue to air the rest of the World Cup to the finals.


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