Sustainable Living Festival draws large crowds

Hundreds gathered Saturday morning for the 9th Annual Sustainable Living Fair in the Railyard.

The festival, put on by Lincoln Electric System, allows Lincoln’s green organizations to have a humanized relationship with the people of Lincoln.

“Kinda give them a platform  to come all at once and talk to Lincoln about being sustainable, whether its recycling, composting, learning about solar, learning about bees, we have Teslas here,” says LES Communication Specialist Rachel Barth.

Visitors had the opportunity to stop at each table to learn more about  sustainability through recycling, electricity, digging, nature, and much more.

Many organizations were also teaching young people about safety when working or playing outside…

“Safety is one of our core values, and electricity is very dangerous and so that’s something we want to preach and teach kids about at a young age,” Barth says. 

“It’s better to be safe than sorry, so if you’re not sure where you’re lines are buried on your property, its a free easy phone call to 811 or online and you can find out where all that is buried.”

Jill Geyer, with Nebraska 811, surrounded her booth with tubs, mulch and shovels for kids to have fun and learn at the same time. 

“We like to teach the kids 8–12 years old that there are things buried underground and they should dig safely, and that age group is really good about teaching adults and other people about how to be safe and how to dig safely,” Geyer says. 

Students from the Office of Sustainability at UNL were also at the fair, informing people about our carbon footprints.

Students Kat Woerner and Brittni McGuire were running the stand. 

“It goes through a survey and asks a bunch of questions alike how much meat do you eat, how often do you fly, do you have a car, do you bike, and then at the end it pops out a number and tells you if everyone on the planet lived just like you, how many earths would it take to sustain that lifestyle,” McGuire says. 

McGuire says it’s important to make people aware of the things they can change in their daily lives in order to help the environment in the long run. 

“We just want to empower everyone that they can change the world everyday by the small choices they make,” McGuire says. 

For more information on organizations at the LES Sustainable Living Festival, you can visit their website.

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