Time to prepare: Severe weather is in the forecast tonight into early tomorrow AM

Strong to severe storms will move through Nebraska while most of you are sleeping. Now is the time to plan how you will get updates and more.
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TODAY: We are off to a dry start across Nebraska and most of the state is currently cloud free! The lack of clouds has allowed us to cool near average, back down to the 50s. It has been around a week since we last saw morning temperatures this cool, so maybe consider grabbing a light jacket before you head out the door. Sunshine will stick around for the entire day today and highs will warm into the mid-80s for most. Strong to severe storms will fire up in western Nebraska around 4-5 PM today. These will push eastward through the area overnight and will likely cause several severe thunderstorms to move into the area. Please be weather aware later today!


(Updated at 12 PM)

STORM TIMELINE: Storms will start to fire up in the Panhandle and parts of southwest Nebraska around 4-5 PM today. A few spotty showers and thunderstorms could develop in front of the main line during the time, further into central Nebraska. (see below)

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A long line of storms will develop as we get closer to 11 PM with a few storms ahead of the line. Most of central Nebraska will likely see this line of strong to severe storms move through around 11 PM. (see below)

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The line of storms looks like it will begin to reach the eastern half of the state anytime after 12 AM. (see below)

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Most of Nebraska will see the strong to severe storms, but some of you have a better chance than others. (see below) The orange filled area below has the best chance of seeing the strongest of the storms. This extends from North Platte into the Tri-Cities and possibly even further eastward near Lancaster county. This is also the location of where the strongest winds will likely be as well as the chance for a few tornadoes.

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The main threats with these storms will likely be strong wind gusts. Now is the time to secure any loose outdoor items or things that might blow away. These storms also could produce a few tornadoes as well as large hail. Far southwest Nebraska near Perkins county all the way to the edge of the Tri-Cities currently have the highest risk of seeing tornadoes. This DOES NOT mean that others won’t see any, it just means the risk is highest far to the southeast. That’s also where the largest hail might fall as well as the strongest wind gusts.

Severe Storm Threat Assessment

HOW TO PREPARE: Now is the time to prepare for the strong to severe thunderstorms! Here are a few tips and reminders to help you out. (see below)

Severe Weather Tips



More updates will be posted here throughout the day. Please continue to check back.

Meteorologist Brittany Foster



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