UNL changes COVID protocol for spring semester

The changes include one rule that's going by the wayside and one that gets more restrictive.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – As the fall semester comes to a close, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is looking at a subtle, but important shift in how their COVID-19 protocol operates. At the moment, unvaccinated students, faculty, and staff are subject to random testing, but when the new semester begins January 16th, that makes a big shift.

“You know, I did enjoy when it was just the unvaccinated people having to get the test”, says sophomore Kaden Robison. “It’s just one less thing on the list during a busy part of the year.”

That’s right, everybody is now part of the random testing pool. Overall, students seem to be just taking this as another change in an evolving situation.

Sophomore Arianna Bonesteel says she feels “just about the same, because, I mean, anybody can get it. It’s just checking who can get it and who can’t get it, I guess.”

The change that does have a bigger impact is the smaller role of the Safer Community app that everyone has been using to get into buildings. That aspect of the app’s functionality is going away, leaving it only for test scheduling.

“It’s going to definitely be interesting”, says Bonesteel. “I’m so used to just pulling out my phone and showing the app right away.”

The app hasn’t been without its problems, though, so some people won’t miss it very much at all.

Robison explains, “If you forget to load your app it takes a second to load, and sometimes the wifi may not be the best.” Speaking of the app, he says, “Sometimes it’s not the best thing to have.”

The changes won’t go into effect until January, but they’ve been announced alongside a pair of vaccine clinics, where people are able to get their first, second, or booster shots for COVID, and the flu shot.

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