VIDEO: Fossil may be evidence of new human species

(KLKN) — Scientists believe they’ve discovered a new species of human, which could change how we look at human evolution.

More than 100,000 years ago, several human species coexisted across the globe.

Before today, we had identified four different species of humans. Now, a fifth species called Homo longi has been added to the list.

A completely preserved fossil of a human skull was discovered in the East Asia area, near Harbin. It’s believed to be 140,000-years-old.

The skull is commonly referred to as the “Dragon Man” as it was found within the Dragon River region.

In research papers published Friday, scientists say the Dragon Man appears to have a large adult man with flat cheeks, a broad mouth, and a brain that was 7% larger than that of a modern human. They speculate Homo longi also did not have a chin.

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