VIDEO: Shocking domestic violence incident caught on camera

VIEWER WARNING: The above video contains images of domestic violence. Viewer discretion advised.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (CNN) — A domestic violence abduction in Utah was caught on camera Saturday after South Salt Lake Police issued an Amber Alert, thinking it was a kidnapping.

The victim in the video is a 35-year-old woman trying to get away from the suspect, 22-year-old Carl Gravitt.

Danielle Croyle with the South Salt Lake Police explained, “there is an age gap, but they were in a relationship. She was fearful because this has happened to her before.”

At first, authorities thought the victim was a child.

“We had a shoe that was recovered on the scene that was a size three, and actually, it was a kid’s-style shoe. And then on top of that, she had a small stature and petite frame,” said Croyle.

Officers say they guessed on her age when issuing the Amber Alert, reporting she was 16.

But, that’s not the biggest concern on social media.

South Salt Lake Police Department’s Facebook Page has nearly 3,000 comments on the video asking why no one witnessing the public assault helped.

Jenn Oxborrow, a clinical social worker explained, “It’s difficult for bystanders to know what to do when they see this. We’re kind of conditioned to mind our own business… Sometimes people freeze. Sometimes, people have their own lived experience, and so it triggers something in them, and you would think you would react one way, but this whole set of other reactions can come with that.”

Police said the most important thing a bystander can do is call the police, and that’s exactly what happened. Thanks to the quick call, officers were able to be at the scene within a few minutes and send out an Amber Alert as early as possible.

Tips from the Amber Alert led helped police find the SUV and arrest Gravitt.

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