‘You could hear the buzzing’: Thousands of bees removed from walls of Omaha home

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – About 6,000 bees were recently removed from inside the walls of an Omaha couple’s 100-year-old home.

According to the Associated Press, Thomas and Marylu Gouttierre told the Omaha World-Herald that they had been planting bee-friendly flowers outside of their home.

What they didn’t expect was for the bees to move in.

The couple initially discovered the bees after finding 30 of them in a second-floor bedroom.

During that time, they also noticed a surplus of bees outside of their kitchen window.

“If you put your ears to the wall, you could hear the buzzing,” Thomas Gouttierre said.

The couple’s first thought was to call an exterminator, but after seeing many PBS nature shows, they decided against it.

The couple contacted two members of the Omaha Bee Club, who charged $600 to safely relocate the bees.

Larry Cottle of Countryside Acres Aviary cut a hole in the wall of the home before Ryan Gilligan of Gilly’s Gold vacuumed the bees into a box to move them.

The men found three honeycombs roughly 2 inches thick and 9 inches in diameter inside the wall.

Gilligan told the World-Herald that he has removed bees from a number of homes, apartments, barns and trees in the past seven years.  The last home he did before the Gouttierres’ had 15,000 bees.

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