Brine helped Lincoln roads, though rain made it less effective, city says

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The City of Lincoln has declared a snow emergency through Wednesday night while snow fighters continue clearing streets.

“A snow emergency is in effect,” said Tim Byrne, maintenance operations manager for the Lincoln Transportation and Utilities Department. “That’s a sense of heightened awareness for our community that impactful weather is either here or may be arriving in the near future. So when you hear that, think about your plans, whether it be for this evening or overnight.”

LTU is continuing its 24-hour operations as it works to spread anti-icing materials.

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Its drivers worked ahead of the storm by coating the roads with the department’s special brine.

“We did pre-treat the streets overnight,” Byrne said. “As the system changed this morning, we got a little more rain than we expected, so that did lower a little bit the effectiveness of it, but it was still a good proactive treatment for us as we moved into some freezing rain today.”

All day Wednesday, LTU crews were out clearing the slush off arterial roads and laying down more layers of a brine and salt mixture.

Byrne said LTU decides whether to clear residential streets on a case-by-case basis.

“We have not made that final decision yet, but the snowfall does certainly look like it’s waning on us this evening,” Byrne said. “It has definitely been a lighter day than we were planning for.”

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LTU is asking everyone to do their part in helping to clear the roads by scooping areas in front of mailboxes and fire hydrants.

The city implemented a street parking ban after 10 p.m. on Wednesday as part of the snow emergency.

As far as road conditions go, Byrne said to use your best judgment.

“If you feel safe traveling, then do so, but we do have winter driving conditions in effect, so if you can avoid some trips, that will help our snow fighters, and it will help ensure that you stay safe,” he said.

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