Lincoln Mayor’s response to street conditions concerning snow removal

We ask Mayor Gaylor Baird to address Lincoln residents' complaints on street conditions.

We’ve heard from hundreds of viewers that their streets still haven’t been plowed or that they are still impassable. We asked Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird for her opinion on how the city’s snow removal is going and her response to residents’ complaints.


Are you satisfied with the status of the street conditions?

“No mayor worth her salt is ever satisfied with street conditions and is constantly looking for ways to improve them.  The snowfall we received Monday and early Tuesday was the second largest ever recorded in Lincoln and is giving us plenty of opportunities to do just that.  I want to thank our snowfighters for working day and night on the extremely difficult challenge of clearing Lincoln streets after this historic snowfall. Thank you as well to the many residents who cleared sidewalks and driveways for others and who helped push cars out of snowbanks.

I understand and share our community members’ eagerness to clear the streets, and that is why we launched a test program that deployed dozens of contractors to residential areas this week. Under previous winter operation protocols, City crews did not begin plowing in residential areas until arterials were cleared. Because of our test program, snow removal efforts began in residential areas 37 hours earlier than they would have under the previous plowing program. Anyone who has ever shoveled a driveway or sidewalk understands what a big difference a head start on scooping snow makes.

City crews and contractors had the 1,200 lane miles of arterial streets and emergency routes in great shape by 9 p.m. Tuesday, just 16 hours after the snow stopped falling. With our plowing test program, contractors began plowing residential areas at 8 a.m. Monday.  The crews who worked on arterials were able to join contractors in the neighborhoods once they completed their work on the major routes.   Even with more than 100 crews working day and night, it took longer than LTU expected to get the first pass done on the 1,700 lane miles of residential streets due to the sheer volume of snow.”


What is the city doing at this point to clear problem areas?

“City crews are currently responding to requests for service and clearing residential streets. City crews and contractors will resume plowing all residential streets again early Saturday and will continue that work through Sunday.  Crews are ready to apply brine on arterial streets including emergency, school and bus routes this weekend, if conditions warrant.  We will continue to monitor the weather, and if anything changes, we are prepared to respond accordingly.”


What’s your response to those who haven’t been able to get out of their homes or neighborhoods?

“Our dedicated snowfighters want to help. If your street needs additional attention, please submit a Request for Service to or call (402) 441-7701.  LTU is committed to responding to requests as quickly as they are able.”

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